Intermission happens on Sundays @ 10:33am
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Robert Munsch Public School
20 Norista Street
Whitby, Ontario

We think and hope that The VIllage will be a fresh experience for people in Whitby & Durham who are wanting to discover Jesus. Because we want to keep things simple, we'll be focusing on teaching the scripture, introducing people to Jesus and christian community, all the while encouraging us to grow in our love for God and for our neighbours.

We hope to become a community of people who follow Christ and make Whitby better. 



As you can imagine, a new church plant involves many things, not the least of which is finances.
As you think about what God is up to in North Whitby and Durham please pray about how you may want to give towards the launch and initial start up of The Village. Make cheques payable to 'The Village'.


Donate online through this link.

The Village
61 Jays Drive
Whitby, Ontario
L1R 2T8

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