Two things came together to allow us to initiate this journey. First, Brooklin Village Church decided they would be our Mother Church. This means that some people who were members of BVC chose and can choose to come along side us and help plant The Village. This shows what kind of heart and DNA they and their leaders have - a willingness to let go of some so that they and us can grow stronger and more fruitful. Second, the BIC (Brethren in Christ, Canada) has come along side us to sponsor and support this initiative. They are a group of churches who Love God and Love the world - we are glad to be a part of them.


My family and I are so proud of what The Village is becoming. It’s been a significant time in the making, and there’s so much more to come. I’m excited about the journey that we’re on and know that The Village will be a safe place for people to discover faith.  For several years I’ve had a growing sense that God wanted me to be part of planting a fresh expression of the gospel somewhere in the GTA. The longer we lived in Whitby, the more we felt that maybe God wanted us to keep growing the seeds we had already been planting, and by that I mean the many relationships in our neighbourhood and community.  One thing led to another, and here we are.



Here are a few things about me:


-I’ve been serving the local church for over 15 years.

-I love the art of neighbouring and how it makes God smile.

-I think my wife is unbelievably beautiful and together we make amazing kids.

-I’m a musician who plays bass and acoustic guitar, writes some music, and has recorded some of that music.

-I’m a sports fan who’s evolved mainly into a golf fan.

-I was born in Toronto, lived in Montreal for 10 influential years, and then moved back to the GTA where I’ve lived since my early 20’s.

-I love music, exercise, golf, reading, writing and hanging out with my family at home or elsewhere.

-I think that following Jesus is the best long walk I could ever be on, because he fixes me and invites me to fix the world with him.


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