We hope that connecting with the Village will be a journey of discovery for you and us. Together we can discover the story of Jesus and how it makes a difference in our world.


At The Village we call our Sunday morning gathering an ‘intermission’.

A lot is going on in our lives with family, work, relationships and all the fun stuff in between. At 10:33am on Sundays we take an ‘intermission’…a break to reflect on God’s Story, our stories, and how the one affects the other.  You can expect music and conversation based around the story and teachings of Jesus. Plus lots of time to connect over coffee, tea and snacks too.



One of the best places in any village neighbourhood is the park.  The Park is our Sunday morning kids program that has something for infants to tweens.  We have some amazing teachers and facilitators that care for and teach our kids.   We follow Plan to Protect: a children’s program policy that keeps kids safe.

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Discovery - we hope that you would discover God with us as we discover God with you.
Story - we value God's story, your story and how those two stories intersect.
Community - we are becoming a community and we hope to serve our community.


Becoming a community of people who love God, love our neighbours and make our world better.

The Village will be a church that celebrates what God is doing in our local communities.
We will strive to be a community that surprises our city with grace, surrounds it with love and fills it with hope. We want to be known, as Jesus said, by the way we love our neighbour. As we journey together towards God’s future, we hope to become better lovers of God and others. Following Jesus and living out His story (the gospel) will make our world a better place.

Robert Munsch Public School | 20 Norista Street, Whitby | 905.903.0083 Living the story 24/7...Intermission happens on Sundays at 10:33 am