Too often churches are identified with buildings or landmarks. Though nothing is wrong with that, we know that church is a community of people. We like to put it this way: We are becoming a community of people who love God, love our neighbours and make our world better.

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Notice how we use the word ‘becoming’ – that’s because we believe all of us, no matter what part of the journey we’re on, have yet to arrive. We’re all becoming something. At the Village, we’re becoming followers of Jesus together, in community. This is how we describe it at the Village: We are becoming a community and we hope to serve our community.

As meaningful and welcoming as our Sunday gatherings are, we see them as an intermission to our daily life. God's in the middle of every moment of every day, so The Village views Sunday as an intermission to what God's up to all the time. Sunday is when we share stories, sing a few God songs and develop community with and for each other.

Robert Munsch Public School | 20 Norista Street, Whitby | 905.903.0083 Living the story 24/7...Intermission happens on Sundays at 10:33 am